Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sundays are Always Lazy

Not much has happened for the past few days. My grandparents journeyed back across the pond to sunny Newport so not much has happened.

*Running shoes update* I don't think that I was really running correctly with my other shoes meaning that these new professional shoes are forcing me to run differently than I'm used to causing some pain in my legs. I should be comfortable and ready for the race(s) in september though hopefully!

In other news, last night, an opossum stumbled upon our cat's food on the deck last night. It was surprisingly timid and didn't seem to bother the cat at all. The closest it got was about 4 feet from the screen door that we were looking out of before it waddled its way back up the garden and into the bushes. I'm hoping to try to lure it back tonight to get some pictures tonight with some dry cat food. I tried to get a photo last night but it was too dark and far away. Let the stakeout begin. This is what an opossum looks like for those of you who don't know.

In other news, the plan for today is quite boring. I'm going to go to Staples and shop for some school supplies. I don't actually have a list this year so I'll probably end up piling a ton of stuff into the shopping cart that will have minimal or no use in the aid of my education but looks cool; Such as an easy button for example!
I'm contemplating an idea for my next blog post so I might put another one up fairly soon.

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