Friday, August 19, 2011

Montréal Vacation 2011- Day 3

On our last day in Montréal, we went to a restaurant for breakfast called "Eggspectations" (Punny, I know). And apparently it did meet our eggspectations being as we all thoroughly enjoyed it. However, our waiter seemed a bit scrambled (no pun intended) because he forgot to bring our toast. We had a table that allowed us to see out onto the street and watch them set up for the Montréal film festival making us wish we'd stayed another night.

After we'd eaten, we took a stroll down to Old Montréal and looked in some shops. You can tell when you've entered old Montréal because the road turns into cobblestones and the French because much more abundant despite the fact that it's less than a kilometer to regular Montréal.

Old port of Montréal. 
More old Montréal.

Later we decided to see if we could get a spot on an Amphi tours bus/boat. It's basically the equivalent to the Duck Tours in Boston: a tour of the city that goes from bus to boat. However, we didn't have to get tickets months in advance for this one and we managed to get tickets for the 2:30 tour.

To pass time before our tour, we stopped in here.

...for some maple syrup ice cream and to have a look around the (not-so-impressive) maple syrup museum.  

Our tour guide spoke in both French and English... that was interesting. We started by going around the city in bus-mode and pointing out famous old buildings etc. etc. We saw the old stock exchange building, the floating bank safe and the huge silos by the water (also where 300 was filmed). In the water, we cruised about the harbor and saw some more building and the docks and, my favorite, THE UNFINISHED GAME OF TETRIS!

The "unfinished game of Tetris"
Overall, it was a good last day and our tour was really interesting and unique.

Our tour bus/boat.
After the tour, we explored the old part of the city and saw some sites.

Street performing.
Fountain... thing.
To finish off the day, we went to a Thai place (that I don't have a picture for) and I had Pad Thai! Spent the rest of our night preparing for our long journey home the next day...

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