Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Montréal Vacation 2011- Day 2

It's official! My parents are totally hooked on sending me to college here in Montréal. "Oh, look how close the campus is to the city" "And look, there's the computer science building! Pretty snazzy." Okay, that might have been a little bit of an exaggeration. I mean, who says 'snazzy' nowadays? Anyways, my point is that they think that me going to college here would be a good choice...

Anyways, to recap our day, we started off by lounging around our hotel a little too long like most days. This tends to be the fault of my sister spending too much time snoozing.

After finally getting out of the hotel, we went to a very colorful breakfast place on avenue du park called "Chez Cora Déjeuners"

After breakfast, we took the most strenuous uphill hike through the city to a mountain so that we could hike up a mountain. By the time we got to the park at the bottom of the mountain, we were knackered. Good thing it flattened out for the main part of our walk. 

After about half an hour of walking we arrived at a large park with a lake and a visitor center (of which we didn't bother to go in). It was surprisingly populated being as it was half way up a mountain. 

Some artsy photography.
Once reaching the summit, we learned that the hike was well worth the views we got!

Some big famous cross that we thought was scaffolding.
We managed to get a couple (good) night shots from our hotel of the cross lit up at night.

It's in the corner... on a mountain...
While enjoying the view and having a sit down in the huge visitor center (a different one) at the top of the mountain, the rain started and absolutely bucketed down for a good half hour. Luckily we took cover and left once it had stopped. This is when we took a really off-the-course route and it started raining again. After walking on a forest trail, unaware of whether we were going up or down the mountain in the rain, we made it to the bottom... exhausted. Some more than others.

After resting our feet and going for a quick (ish) swim in the pool, we were ready to go out to dinner at "Tequila Taco." Obviously Mexican...

It was alright apart from them forgetting our guacamole and appetizer. Anyways, that's all for now! Looking forward to another day in Montréal!

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